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Welcome, wizards and muggles alike.

As much as I spend time on writing novels, I also enjoy writing shorter things of all kinds.

So far my greatest, public literary accomplishments in this field have been contributions to the

Finnish version of Uncyclopedia, but... we're not gonna talk about that now.

Since I'm a writer I thought I better compile some thoughts and ideas related to writing that have helped and inspired me on my own journey from zero to three finished manuscripts. The blog will feature mostly writing-related stuff I guess, but don't be too surprised to find some random quotes or off-topic musings every once in a while if the mood hits me. Also I'm not one of those people who find it their sacred duty to post at a regular schedule, since my longer

materials cry out to me with much loudness of voice. Just so you know.

Have a look around and see if anything catches your fancy. If you need me, I'll probably be running away from Orcs in the woods.

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