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Hunt of Ravens

"Catch the Raven, or the Kingdom burns." 

A rebel on the loose, a threat to the Throne, and two elite fighters whose shoulders carry the fate of Romania.

Gheara and Leu are called upon to hunt down the Raven, a rogue outlaw who is after the King and his Throne. They must assemble a team to help them protect their country from the threat, and set off in pursuit in an undercover airship. On the way a street rat, a farm girl and a forest dweller join their quest to catch the Raven as villages burn around them and unrest grows.  But soon they find that chasing down dangerous renegades is not all that straightforward, and most things aren’t what they seem... The game that Raven is playing may yet lead Gheara down paths more perilous than she could ever have imagined, and the members of her team are not without secrets of their own.

Loyalty and truth become cards in a game where all the rules get written over.

Blade of Wolves

“Our wings are sharp and our blades are hungry.”

Gheara Rubiniu is on the run with the Raven, having
become the Raven Queen- his partner in the Revolt.
On their way to locate the Rebels a new, mysterious player appears
on the chessboard, promising salvation for the growing resistance
against the Throne. Yet such promises can contain a destructive side,
and the game of who to trust has never been as tangled.

The rest of the team are left to chart their uncertain course
in the twisted heart of the Palace, which seems to harbor unspoken
secrets of its own. Everyone must fight their individual battles without
losing sight of the whole, for the stakes are rising as winter
approaches in a land where the enemy may hide in plain sight.

The pieces are moving and events tumble towards the
inevitable burning point- but will it be too late to
stop the frost that has crept into the heart of the Kingdom?

Flame of Lions
The last instalment in the Bladewings-series.
What shall the fate of the Kingdom be?


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